Life: Our vessel for doing Lord’s work

By Judy Brandon: CNJ Columnist

The following story is one I heard first hand from one who knows. A multi-million dollar organization for seriously ill children was the inspiration of a young Jewish boy living in a concentration camp in Europe. His parents had both been killed by the Nazis, and only the young boy and his twin sister remained.

The Nazi soldiers took the young boys to a field and told them, “We are going to shoot you. If you can outrun the bullets, you are free.” The soldiers did not want to be perceived as being weak for not shooting Jewish prisoners, but even those men could not bring themselves to shoot the young Jewish boys. Instead, the soldiers counted, “One … Two…Three!” and they fired shots into the air to present the appearance that they were firing at the young Jewish boys. The terrified young boys ran feverishly in what they conceived to be a flight for their lives.

One of those young boys somehow made his way to America, yet he never lost sight of finding his sister from whom he had sadly been separated. The young man worked several odd jobs, one of which was a life-changing experience he had working in a popular American hotel chain. The hotel was in a popular tourist area for families, and every day he encountered parents who were trying to give their disabled or sick children a vacation away from the daily grind of medical tests, medical equipment, and illness. The gentleman decided that he would focus on creating a safe place for children with special needs and their families. All the while, he continued to search for his twin sister.