Some Floods Are Caused By “Leaky Faucets”

By Curtis K. Shelburne: Local columnist

We all have times when the winds and waves of sorrow or pain or perplexity threaten to swamp us and send the vessels of our lives to the bottom. When those winds howl, we recognize the threat. It’s no fun to ride out a storm. [Marker]

But I’m convinced that it is not always the stormy downpour of pain that capsizes lives; often it is something more akin to the “drip, drip, drip” of a leaky faucet. One incessant drip at a time until the ship is about to go down and the crew hardly saw it coming.

Drip. It’s another medical bill.

Drip. Now it’s the car.

Drip. Here come college costs.

Drip. A job in which you can never say, “I’m done.”

Drip. A drip of a boss who seems impossible to please.

Drip. Nagging thoughts about the direction of your life.

Drip. So many “hats” to wear, and the pressure of trying to do a good job at all of them.

Drip. Too many “yes’s” to too many commitments.