First Person: Librarian has a life-long passion for books

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Marilyn Belcher prefers reading to watching television.

Marilyn Belcher, Clovis-Carver Public Library director, has been working in libraries since high school. She grew up helping her mother run the Elida Public Library. Then, in high school and college, she worked at both those libraries. Working in libraries is the only work she’s ever done, and she likes it that way.

Interdepartmental work: I was hired in the circulation department at the Clovis library in 1985. I worked in circulation for about 10 years and moved into cataloguing. I did that for about five years. I was appointed interim director when the last one retired and then took the position. I like all the work I’ve done here. I liked being with people when I was in circulation and being with books in cataloguing.

Director’s cut: Of the many things I do as director, my favorite thing to do is open all the new books. I order them so I like to see what comes in. And I just love the feel and smell of new books.

Book in the hand: I think libraries will last forever even though the Internet is threatening them. Too many people like to hold the hard copy of a book in their hands and like to read a book when they go to bed. And not everything on the ‘net is factual.

Reading queen: I love to read. I read a lot of Christian fiction, contemporary fiction, biographies and Westerns. Reading takes my mind off what I have to contend with during the day. I can tune my mind off the world. I’d rather read than watch TV. I really only watch the news on TV, then I turn it off and pick up a book.

Literary journey: We began delivering books to homebound folks about two years ago. I believe that anyone who likes to read should be able to. If they can’t come to the library, the library should go to them.

Family time: I have five kids, 11 grandkids and 10 great grandkids. They live in Amarillo, Clovis, Roswell and Artesia. If I ever want a place to stay to get out of town for the weekend, I’m set. We try to get all of us together about once a year. It can be crazy. But I love kids, I always have. I baby-sat when I was young and even….while my kids were growing up just because I liked being around them.