First person: Art gallery, frame shop owner retiring

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Linda Woodall was the fourth woman to own Frame and Art Gallery.

Linda Woodall, 62, was the fourth woman to own the Frame and Art Gallery. She owned the store for 12 years, longer than anyone else. But when it came time to retire, she was satisfied that she left the store in good hands.

Customer to owner: I started as a customer at Frame and Art. I do a lot of needlework and cross stitch and often needed things framed. I was so particular that they hired me so I could take care of myself.

Floydada to Clovis: I was born and raised in Floydada, Texas. My husband was born and raised in Dumas, Texas. We met at West Texas State University in Canyon, Texas. He joined the Air Force and we traveled all over the world. He retired out of Cannon Air Force Base after 20 years and we made Clovis our home.

Home town away from home: We’re Texas people. We love the San Antonio and Austin area. We’re planning to move there now that we’re both retired. My two sons and their families live there so we’re going there to be with our kiddos We want to be able to play grandma and grandpa for a while.

Twelve years later: Working at the store was an absolute joy. I loved every minute of it. At times I got tired, but not of the store. There was nothing monotonous about it. I really got to know the customers. We were more like a family than anything else.

European family: My mother was a British war bride. She came to the U.S. when she was 18 years old. My father was in the Army Air Corp. When we lived in Europe, I got to meet family I never knew I had. My mother always encouraged us to go out and spread our wings.

Framing talent: Framing can be learned by anyone. But the people who are the best at it have a special knack for it.