Take time to let mom know she is appreciated

Freedom New Mexico

Moms are the greatest producers of wealth among us. They are greater and more important than glamour stars, politicians, business leaders and all the people our culture worships with a misguided understanding of value and wealth.

A Jewish proverb says: “God could not be everywhere, and so he made mothers.”

Abolitionist preacher Henry Ward Beecher said: “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

A Spanish proverb tells us: “An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest.”

And, of course, as the great American poet William Ross Wallace famously explained: “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

Children and fathers, on this Mother’s Day treat your wives and mothers better than rock stars and business partners. If you can afford to lavish them with flowers and an expensive lunch at a fancy restaurant, do it and spare no expense. If you can’t, show them your love with handmade cards, acts of giving and kindness, an abundance of hugs, and endless compliments. Try to show them at least one day of appreciation for the most underrated vocation in the world.

Then take it beyond Mother’s Day. Let them know daily how much you respect them. In your hearts and minds, maintain a constant knowledge that a mother really is worth a ton of priests. Hers is the hand that rules the world. She has achieved the highest role a human can achieve. Without a mother, there is no priest. Without a mother, there is no president, no managing partner at your law firm, no lead singer for the band, no iPod inventor, no scientist curing cancer, no plumber, no professional athlete, and no nun tending to the poor.

Mothers, through God and with the aid of men, produce the only form of genuine wealth on Earth: the human being. Often in modern society, the mother is left to hone the individual by herself, with little or no help from a man or a village. Mothers ultimately determine whether humankind survives, let alone thrives.

For whatever reason, except on this one day of the year, mothers live mostly as unsung heroes with roles considered of marginal value to society. Even on this day, some of the praise and appreciation may seem like hokum to women who know their roles as mothers are underrated.

Society swoons over its top executives, its inventors and investors, its pop celebrities, its athletes, its doctors, its lawyers, its authors, its politicians and even some of its big-name journalists — all people brought to life and crafted by mothers and all people in roles considerably less important than mothering.

Without moms, society has nothing. Think about it today, and be genuinely thankful for moms each day the rest of your life.