Construction zone speed enforcement patrols begin Monday

On Monday, June 1st, 2009 Officers of the Clovis Police Department will be conducting Speed Enforcement Patrols on West Brady Avenue from Hull Street East to South Prince Street in the designated construction zones. Officers will be specifically targeting speeders in these construction zones. The construction zones will be clearly marked and will see a speed limit reduction from the current 45 Miles Per Hour to 35 Miles Per Hour. Please pay attention to your speed and watch out for the road construction workers and heavy road equipment moving in the area.

The Clovis Police Department would like to remind you that Officers will be out in force to make sure that the road construction workers are safe in the designated construction zones. Please pay attention and slow down in the designated construction zones. There is a “Zero Tolerance Policy” for speeding in construction zones and the speeding fines are doubled in these designated construction zones. The state traffic statute (66-7-301) states; “In every event, speed shall be so controlled by the driver as may be necessary to protect workers in construction zones posted as double fine zones as designated by the [state] highway and transportation department”.