May 31 Letters to the Editor

There will always be need for news

I was amused when I read the full-page statement in the May 22 CNJ by the Newspaper Association of America on the “reality” about newspapers.

I fully agree that newspapers are great, but here in Clovis the Amarillo, Lubbock and Albuquerque papers have ceased delivery.

The “reality” of newspapers here is that we can’t get three of them.

At least the CNJ offers local news and is delivered. Hopefully it will increase in size and contain more national and state news.

Newspapers all over the country are soliciting online readership. It is far cheaper to push a button and send an “issue” to thousands of subscribers than it is to publish a hard-copy paper.

As the article says, newspapers are “reinventing themselves.”

Better start installing a network in your house and don’t spill orange juice on the laptop.

Karl D. Spence