Our direction is secure with God

By Judy Brandon: CNJ columnist

It is wonderful to have guidance! When Charlie and I are on a trip, gone are the days to plead with him to stop and ask for directions. No more are the days of reading a paper map. Now time is not lost stopping at convenience stores and asking for directions to some place where we have never been. Now we have a GPS. That is an acronym for Global Positioning System. What a remarkable invention! I am told that a GPS is a worldwide radio-navigation system. It gets its information from 24 satellites and their locations on the ground. Thus, our trips here on earth are orchestrated through guided satellite technology. Amazing!

The GPS has absolutely helped our marriage. So now when we are in Corpus Christi or Cincinnati, Milwaukee or Malibu, or some other place new to us, we type in our destination and the GPS will not only tell us how to get there, it will tell us how long it should take us to get there. The GPS gives us a “picture” on a screen and a voice that tells us each turn to make. So we can relax and know that we will find the way to our destination. We will approach an intersection or a turnoff on an interstate and a voice will say: “In .5 miles, turn left; in .5 miles turn left.” We hear a voice! That excludes all guessing and trying to ponder directions that someone who claims to know might give us. We now no longer have to depend on the knowledge of others who with best intentions try to tell us which direction to take.

But that’s not all. We can keep our GPS to date. We get updates off the Internet about new streets and new places so we have the best directions for wherever our destination may be.

Yes it is wonderful to have guidance. On a spiritual scale what about our lives? We can have guidance for our lives. The Bible speaks of God’s presence in our lives: “Whether you turn to the right or left, you ears will hear a voice behind you saying, that is the way, walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21.

First, we have the roadmap from the Bible. The Scriptures tell us where we came from, why we are here and where we are going. The scriptures tell us where we fit into God’s plan, what our part is in that plan and how we should live our lives while participating in that plan. The Bible tells the standard for our lives.

Then the Holy Spirit is a navigator to help us know which way we should go in our lives. Through speaking to our hearts, the Holy Sprit bears witness to us about decisions we should make and paths would should take.

I never want to go out of town again without my GPS. It takes some effort; we have to hook it up, affix it to the windshield in the lower left hand corner and also turn up the volume so we can get audible directions from our GPS. Then we take it out of the car when we get home.

I can testify that knowing Jesus is so much simpler than that. The Bible is my roadmap and the Holy Spirit my navigator by bearing witness in my spirit the way to go each day of my life. It may not be a worldly global positioning system — but it is the Godly present-day system in my life. My direction is secure.