No gain from advice columnists

Regarding “Annie’s Mailbox” in Tuesday’s CNJ:

What are these advice columnists thinking?

“Worried Mom” wrote about her 14-year-old daughter having sex with and being isolated by her controlling 16-year-old boyfriend. The columnists told her to tell the counselor.

Are they nuts? This child is a child. Her boyfriend is a sex offender and he could be labeled as such if his having sex with a minor were reported to the police.

Where is this child’s father? Who is the authority that protects children from themselves in this home?

This is a child. There is no need for her to feel her mother’s concern. There is a need for her to feel her mother’s discipline.

She gravitates to a controlling boyfriend to get some authority in her life. The boyfriend should be “counseled” immediately by being reported to both his parents and the police. A baby born to a 14-year-old or an abortion is just waiting to happen.

The worst thing is that this perverted perspective is being published by our local newspaper on the comics page, right where it indoctrinates our children in what to think about life. It’s comic alright … but it isn’t funny.