Letters to the editor: Post office remodel would cost public

Post office remodel would cost public

It is plain to see something is rotten in Denmark, as the old saying goes.

A group of six postal employees, some from Albuquerque, stood in various places in the lobby of the Gidding Street Post Office on July 16 and offered little or no information about the planned closing except “It’s losing too much money.” They didn’t know the top floor is rented to the district attorney’s office.

If they do indeed close the Gidding Street office I think the following will happen:

Since the office on 21st Street is smaller, we will have to remodel to make room for the 1,000 boxes from Gidding Street. Or, since we are renting the building on 21st, we will have to build a new building.

The above two excuses would be on the taxpayers and no doubt line the pockets of someone.

This proposed closure needs to be stopped now.