First person: Spreading the word

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Penny Bailey, the new communication specialist for the Clovis Municipal Schools system, said she can’t wait to let parents and the community know about the good things happening in the district.

CNJ staff

Penny Bailey said she learned firsthand about Clovis Municipal Schools. When her family had the choice to move to Clovis, Alabama, Texas or Florida, they chose Clovis because the schools provided more options for her three children. Now as the new communication specialist for CMS, Bailey is hoping to spread the word about the school district’s strengths.

New job: I’m excited about meeting people. I like working with people. I see it as an opportunity to enhance communications in the schools, with parents and with the community. Obviously, parents are interested and concerned about their children’s education. Teachers love children and to teach and if I have an opportunity to help in any way, I’m thrilled. And fortunately we live in a community where whether or not someone has a child in the schools, they still care about it. I’m thrilled that the schools think communication with parents and the community is so important to create this position.

Air Force: I was in the Air Force for 24 years and retired as a colonel. I did a litttle of everything while in the Air Force. My last job was vice wing commander at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. I had a staff of 4,000 and a budget of $4 billion, so I’m used to being busy. I joined because I love God and my country. For me, it was my way of thanking God for letting me be born in America and my way of thanking my country for letting me know my Lord.

Family: I’m married and have three children. We love to camp but haven’t … since the kids got older. I just love doing things with the kids, going to their events. My son played football and my daughter is a cheerleader so we go to all the football games. It’s really about spending time with family whether it’s playing cards or board games at home or dinner and a movie. It’s just fun.

Choosing Clovis: I love living here. It’s a safe community. But we like it mostly because this community supports our family values and it’s important to raise your kids in a place that has the same values as your family.