Santa Fe to host New Mexico’s T.E.A. party

Santa Fe – On Saturday, September 12, 2009 from 2-3:30 pm, New Mexicans will join hundreds of other cities across America in holding a T.E.A. Party Rally (Taxed Enough Already). The event is an opportunity for private citizens to make a statement on the grounds of the State Capitol against the irresponsible fiscal policies that are leading to unprecedented deficits and unprecedented expansion of the federal government.

Unlike the first T.E.A. party when politicians gave speeches, this T.E.A. Party will feature ‘regular folks’ who will talk about the ‘real life’ consequences of the government’s actions – debt burden being forced on the younger generation, increasing burdens on small businesses, concerns by our senior citizens on availability of health care and much more. The T.E.A. Party will be a peaceful, family friendly, multi-partisan call for greater governmental fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Sheryl Bohlander, a co-organizer for the New Mexico Tea Party said, “Since the first T.E.A. Party on April 15th, we have had constant inquiries from people from all walks of life and all political parties asking how they can get involved. Most of the people who have joined in the T.E.A. Party movement have never been politically involved before, but now feel that that they need to speak out against the irresponsible spending and borrowing, unprecedented deficits and bailouts, and the growing intrusion of the federal government into the private sector.

“Here in New Mexico, we have seen the state budget grow from $3 billion when Governor Johnson left office to $5.5 billion per year under Governor Richardson, while the population has only grown by 7%. The state is facing a $500 million dollar deficit. We have elected and appointed officials who have stolen money from New Mexico taxpayers that are now sitting in prison and more elected officials under investigation or indictment. New Mexicans are outraged at the level of corruption, waste and cronyism in government and are standing up to say enough!”

This T.E.A. Party is being organized and funded by private citizens, not by any political party, business or organization. Other T.E.A. Party groups from cities around the state will be joining the event in Santa Fe.

Individuals attending this rally will have the opportunity to sign petitions that will be delivered to their elected officials, register to vote, and gain information as to how they can continue to make their voice heard. Copies of the U.S. Constitution will be available to attendees. There will also be music, children’s activities and collection of non-perishable food for the Santa Fe County Food Depot.

For further information go to: or contact Sheryl Bohlander at 505-795-1292.