God works in favor of faithful

By Judy Brandon: CNJ religion columnist

There is sadness in our community, the nation and the world. Yet, something uplifted me once again this week. I received an email from my sister three years ago and it is one of those I archived and keep it just to reread. I am telling again the following true story about an incident… no a miracle…that is uplifting

My sister Susie sent me this e-mail and I want to once again share it with my readers.

Date: February 4, 2006, from Susie: “Judy I have some powerful news…it will not only make your day, it will make your spirit soar!! This Wednesday is a monumental day. We attend church with a dedicated Christian family. Their only son was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney when he was three years old. At seven years old, the cancer returned with viciousness, and his kidney had to be removed. His mother, who is in my Sunday school class, told me that her son had received chemo therapy and radiation at age three. Yet the cancer returned some years later, and the son received debilitating treatment again. Now their son is a teenager and his remaining kidney is failing. His mother wanted to donate her kidney but she was not a match. His brothers and sisters were eliminated because they are under 18. The mom was heartsick as she told me she was eliminated as a donor for her son. But then she quietly said, “God is in control…He knows.”

Since that time, the young man has continued to live his young life the best he is able, while bearing the weight of a chronic illness.

His sibling, the boy’s older sister, works in a fast food pizza restaurant. She is a committed Christian, an honor student, dedicated, mature, hard-working, and focused. She had been frustrated that a higher paying job with more of a future had not opened up for her. She continued to search and apply for other jobs. Still nothing.

One day she was sharing the story of her brother with her co-workers. One female co-worker overheard her story. The co-worker took the sister aside and said, “I would like to donate my kidney to your brother.”

The co-worker underwent exhaustive tests at a major medical center and the greatest news of all came about — the woman was a perfect match for the young boy to receive her kidney!

As I write this, the transplant surgery is scheduled for February 8. This young man now has the chance of a healthy future and a fulfilling adulthood, all because of the unselfishness of a woman whom he hardly knew.

Judy, without a doubt I know God works but it is uplifting to see Him manifested in this clear way!”

The young man had the transplant four days later on Feb. 8, 2006. I keep up with him through Susie and he continues to do well!

Our ways certainly are not His ways. His sister would have left that job if she had her way…but she could not find another job. Because of that, she met the woman who came from nowhere and offered to donate a kidney to a child whom she did not even know.

The old prophet Isaiah wrote: “My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

My sister’s email only verified what I already knew: God knows what is best for each of us. We may not see it at the time but He is working, always working out the details of our lives for our good.