10/7 Portales police blotter

A sampling of calls received by the Portales police department from Oct. 2-4:

Oct. 2

9:11 p.m., caller at Jake Lopez Community Center said she was fighting and screaming for a male to get off and leave her alone. No incident report filed.

11:42 p.m., caller at 1100 block of Leo Drive reported a strange man had walked up and knocked on the door and then proceeded to pace. No incident report filed.

Oct. 3

3:23 a.m., caller at 700 block of South Roosevelt Road S said she could hear screams and yells coming from a small car just past her residence.

4:45 p.m., caller at 1300 block of South Ave B wants neighbor to quit harassing him. No incident report filed.

8:06 p.m., caller at 200 block of North Indio reported her husband has been intoxicated all week and that now she was arguing with him.

Oct. 4

2:03 p.m., caller at 1600 block of South Ave. D reported that a party at restaurant left without paying two tickets, around $19 each, and that manager was now behind the car and had license plate information

4:30 p.m., caller at 2100 East 2nd St. reported she was having an altercation with her drunk mother.