Radio stations waiting approval for change of ownership

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ staff writer

If it’s approved by the Federal Communications Commission, a pair of Clovis radio stations will change hands, but little else.

Zia Broadcasting, owned by Lonnie and Barbara Allsup of Clovis, has agreed in principle to buy a pair of stations from Curry County Broadcasting, Inc., owned by Hewel and Madeene Jones.

Radio Business Report reported the agreement at the end of October, which would send KWKA-AM and KTQM-FM to Zia Broadcasting, where it would pair with KCLV’s FM and AM stations. According to the report, the stations would be sold for $600,000.

Bob Coker, general manager of Curry County Broadcasting, Inc., said while he doesn’t want to speak directly for Zia Broadcasting, it’s been his understanding all operations, including employees, shows and coverage of Clovis Wildcat sports, would not be changed.

But Coker stresses nothing’s official until the FCC approves the application of license, filed Oct. 23.

“Certainly,” Coker said, “there’s been an agreement to do this, but it’s all pending government approval.

“If it’s you and me and we (make a deal for a) donut shop, all we have to do is shake hands and go file a business license. It doesn’t work that way with broadcast properties.”

Barring anything unusual, Coker said his best guess would be FCC approval in January or February.

Coker said the main motivation for the deal was an inclination from the Jones family to retire, but still keep the stations under local ownership.

A call placed Tuesday to Lonnie Allsup was not immediately returned.