Skyward puts information at parents’ fingertips

As this is an education column, I think it only appropriate that you take an occasional test…or at least solve a riddle.

Here it is: What do Christian Believers, Jalisco Taqueria (on 7th Street), Java Loft, La Casa Family Health Center, Lighthouse Mission, Mainline Bowling, Matt 25, Ministerios Unidos para Cristo, North Plains Mall, Roden-Smith, Salvation Army, and the Workforce Center have in common?

Of course, I am not going to give you the answer right away, but here’s a hint: It has something to do with Skyward Family Access.

Just in case you are not familiar with Skyward Family Access, it is a computer program allowing parents and guardians to have real-time access to their children’s school records on-line.

To get a Skyward Family Access account, all I had to do was use my email account, then request access from Clovis Schools.

This process took only 24 hours to complete. And, as a parent I can tell you this is the best thing in the world.

O.K. maybe not the best thing in the world but it is pretty terrific.

Now, I can go to the school’s web-site, click on Skyward, log-in and find out all the information I need to know about my daughter.

Almost daily, I check her grades, absences, tardiness, and homework.

That’s right, I can check to see if she has any missing work in her classes. Of course, that determines whether or not she can go out with her friends.

Additionally, if parents want to check on their student’s food service accounts, bus schedules, health records or other school information, it is all at your fingertips.

But what if you don’t have a computer at home?

Well, you’ve heard me say more than once what a great partnership I think this community and its schools have. This is evident as a number of people in our community have partnered to provide this service for us.

First, Clovis Schools Technology Department is providing computers, monitors, keyboards, set-up time and their expertise.

Plateau is providing free Internet service, which includes installation, so anyone can get an e-mail account and access Skyward.

Finally, businesses throughout the community have agreed to provide a facility, furniture, and electricity for the equipment.

So, there’s the answer to your riddle — all 12 business have agreed to house these computers with Skyward Family Access for parents of students in Clovis Schools.

Though some of the sites are already available, by Jan. 15 parents will be able to visit any of these locations and use the computer and Internet to access their child’s school information.

So, to borrow a phrase: “Way to go Plateau…and Clovis Schools and businesses.”

Penny Bailey is a communication specialist for the Clovis Municipal Schools. She can be reached at