Letters to the Editor: Couple restored faith in people

Couple restored faith in people

I would like to share my story on how my faith in people and the holiday were restored.

Last week, while shopping with a co-worker and some clients, we noticed how it seems the true meaning of the holiday has been lost — so we thought.

We went for dinner, ordered, then went to sit down and visit. They brought us our dinner, we ate, and had a good time.

There was a lovely couple sitting behind us. They had finished and were getting ready to leave. Before they left, however, they paid for our food.

The cashier came over and started to give us our money back. When we asked her why, she told us the couple had paid for our meals. I would like to say thank you for restoring my faith.

I wish that couple and their family all the love and blessings in the world. God gave me a blessing in faith with them. Thank you.