Letter to the editor: City can’t enforce pet ordinance

City can’t enforce pet ordinance

Regarding the story headlined “City pet licensing on table” in the March 12 CNJ:

When I moved to Clovis 25 years ago, Clovis had a pet license ordinance. It didn’t work then and I don’t think it will work now.

The majority of the animals that are running loose belong to people who don’t spay, neuter or vaccinate their animals. Reason: can’t afford it.

So what makes the city think just because they pass an ordinance, the people will somehow be able to afford a license?

Police Chief Steve Sanders said the purpose of this proposed ordinance was to help law enforcement officers find the owners of the animals running loose. What city officials don’t seem to get, is those owners don’t want to be found. They don’t care if their animals return or not.

If people don’t comply with the ordinance the city will fine them $500 or 90 days in jail. Come on. Get real. If people can’t afford $10 or $20 for the license, how in the world would they come up with $500 for a fine? As for the 90 days in jail, our jail is having a hard enough time just keeping the real criminals corralled. We would also spend more feeding them than the tag would cost.

Seems as if Commissioner Fred Van Soelen, who voted against the ordinance, is the only one who really gets it.