Letters to the editor: Intersection block hurts businesses

Intersection block hurts businesses

Driving up North Prince Street recently, I noticed some roadwork was going on ahead of me near the Texas Avenue entrance to Wal-Mart and the retail center.

I continued up the street and turned left into another entrance. Later I drove back to the intersection and was shocked at what I saw — indeed, it is no longer possible to turn left from Prince into Texas.

I was completely dumbfounded. Who, I asked myself, on even their dumbest thinking day — “here’s your sign” — could have dreamed up such an idiotic arrangement?

I hastened to assure myself there was a logical explanation, because I know government always pursues the most logical and well thought out actions.

Oh, I know, I told myself — this barrier was erected to prevent head-on collisions of vehicles turning left into southbound Prince Street traffic. Good answer! Assuming that is the explanation for this dumb move, then let’s place these barriers in front of all entrances to prevent all left turns. What genius made the choice to block off only the entrance to Texas Avenue?

Anyone who knows anything about business knows that the three most important considerations of going into business are location, location, and location!

Obviously, the people who made the decision to put the “North Prince Street-Texas Avenue Gate” into place know nothing about business.


The only thing they have really succeeded in doing is to sabotage the locations for several strong businesses in Clovis.

Merchants in the retail center have petitions available for signature.