Greene Acres Park has long history

By Bill Kinyon: Guest columnist

As I watch the continued improvements to Greene Acres Park, I am reminded of how it began. I thought that some folks might be interested in the history of the park.

In 1963, the Clovis Jaycees were looking for a project. We noticed that the low drainage area south of 21st Street between Main and Mitchell streets might make a nice park.

We went to the city and they agreed. Some grant money was obtained and a master plan was made. The park was established in 1964.

The park was named Greene Acres Park after a prominent Clovis citizen, C.O. Greene, the local manager of Southwestern Public Service Company.

The park was finished to a degree in 1969 and dedicated. There is a metal plaque on top of the masonry sign at the northwest corner of the park that recorded the event.

Some of the Jaycees who pushed the project were President Morris Stagner, Gas Company Manager Clint Tidenberg, Joe Firestone, Jimmy Brown, Don Bell, Jerry Bell, Richard Cheney, Bob Echols, Charles Guthals, Terry Horton, myself, Randall Kilmer, Jack Mixon, Jack Matthews, David Petty, Bob Stephens, Tom Wade, Jack Winton and Russel Weems.

I think all the improvements are great, and along the lines of the original master plan. The skateboard facility was not in the original plan, as skateboards at that time were roller skates nailed to a board.