Letter to the editor: CNJ quick to condemn Catholics

CNJ quick to condemn Catholics

I think it’s ironic your newspaper found time to excoriate the Catholic Church in Sunday’s editorial, and you found it appropriate to indict the entire church for the actions of a few.

I’d like to respond in kind and tell you newspapers such as yours (and the New York Times) should revert to your responsibility to report news in a timely, unbiased, and non-hypocritical fashion.

Was the point of your editorial to remind church officials, and the rest of us, that the press can, and will, criticize, condemn, and attack any person or organization in a blatantly calumnious fashion? That no attempt at defense dare be made, lest we face additional recriminations from your poison pens? Or are we to be reminded in characteristically sanctimonious and pompous fashion how others should mind their affairs?

You were correct to point out the Catholic Church is not just “any organization.” Pope Benedict is the spiritual head and leader of the world’s largest Christian church. His followers and subordinates love and respect him.

For you to suggest a defense against what can only be characterized as a malicious and unnecessary campaign of hate demonstrates that you have as little understanding of the Catholic Church as you do of your industry’s obligation to report news in a responsible manner.

The church has the ability to have more than one immediate concern, not the least of which is focusing on the pain and suffering caused by the miscreants within its ranks that perpetrated evil on its most helpless members.

As an organization that depends on the faith and good will of its millions of followers, and unfailing loyalty to its leader, it apparently must also make a priority of defense against the ceaseless campaigns of hatred launched by members of the press.