Letters to the editor: Obama has delivered on platform

Obama has delivered on platform

Glenda Bly’s April 6 letter (“Hard work is the American Way”) proves ignorance of the truth is still bliss.

First, the bill President Obama just signed is totally a health-care reform bill. Something that has been tried for decades is now signed, sealed and delivered.

It appears Glenda and the rest of the Republicans still cannot accept the fact that Obama is our president for 2 3/4 more years and very probably for the next 6 3/4 years as he has proven that he is a man of action and does not mind working to get his priorities approved.

Obama ran on a platform and he stated daily on the campaign trail what his objectives were and he was elected by a majority of the electoral votes as well as the majority of the popular votes.

Many of the things in his platform have already become law.

Thank God for all the votes President Obama received.

Bush became president the first term with the aid of his brother, then governor of Florida, and a Republican-slanted Supreme Court.

As for Bush’s second term, it was the result of him starting an unnecessary war on lies to Congress. This nation thought he had a plan, when it started, to end it. How wrong we were. We had to wait until 2008 to take control of things and we found the right man.