Melrose students win supercomputing challenge

The Associated Press

LOS ALAMOS — A team from Melrose High School who modeled how wildfires behave captured the top prize in Los Alamos National Laboratory’s 20th New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge.

The team’s project, called “Control and Spread of Wildfires II,” built on their earlier research, adding the variable of topography to the computer model.

Kyle Jacobs and brothers Richard and Randall Rush each received $1,000.

The team also won the $100 Crowd Favorite Award, chosen by student participants, teachers and mentors.

Los Alamos High School teams took both second and third place.

Second place went to a project called “The Holy Grail of Adam’s Ale,” while “To Kill a Flocking Bird” won third.

The competition is open to New Mexico high school and middle school students.