a view from under the pew: the greatest mom of all

By Gary Mitchell: Religion columnist

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

the greatest mom of all

at first glance
pastor leroy beetle
made a really
terrible blunder
the other day boss

he asked the rash
question to a
young bug toddlers
sunday school class
aside from mary the
mother of jesus who
would you say is the
greatest mother of
all time

all the adult bugs and
little mice gasped
and groaned he s
in trouble for sure
they moaned

i know i know one
little beetle said
hannah the mother
of samuel has to be
the best mother of
all don t you see

no no says sally bee
the greatest mother
of them all was sarah
wife of abraham and
mother of isaac she
was the matriarch of
the israelites all

what about ruth the
wife of boaz the mother
of obed and grandmother
of jesse and great-
grandmother of david
the king she was the
perfect model for women
everywhere in everything
especially in her loyalty
love and faithfulness all
reflected in her gleaning

i have it i have it says
roscoe the rolly polly bug
the greatest mother of all
was eve adam s wife
because she was the
mother of all

what about the virtuous
woman described by
lemuel in proverbs 31
says lacy the ladybug

or what about lois or
eunice timothy s mother
and grandmother who
taught timothy so well

or jochebed the mother
of moses the one who led
the children of israel to
the promised land after all
he was a lawgiver and the
deliverer of god s holy band

finally after everyone
nominated their favorite
candidate for mother of
all time pastor beetle
was starting to sweat –
if beetles do that –
maybe wondering how
he could avoid what
appeared to be a
disastrous fate

tell us tell us the young
bugs clamored to know
did we pick the greatest
mother of all or no

before pastor leroy beetle
could take a breath or even
wince a smile little tommy flea
says wait a minute for me
i want to nominate the
greatest mommy for all
the world to see

so pastor leroy said okay
we have another nominee
who is the greatest mommy
according to tommy flea

the greatest mommy to me
is my mommy mrs betty flea
says he she s sweet kind and
faultless to a t
and besides that she makes
great oatmeal for breakfast
and gives me little flea
kisses at night

with that boss everyone
cheered pastor leroy was
rescued and everyone wished
everyone a happy mother s
day from the realm of the
church pew underworld