Students say they attend school to learn, prepare for future

By Penny Bailey: Clovis Municipal Schools

By now, you know my thoughts and experiences with Clovis Municipal Schools, but what about the students?

Well, my inquisitive mind wanted to know. I sent four questions for teachers to ask students (if they had the time). Responses came from kindergarten to seniors.

You might be surprised at some answers, smile at some and others might make you a little sad.

Question 1: What do you like about school?

The number one reason: To be with friends. The second was they get to learn. One student said they liked everything about school. But, others said they liked school because it was time away from home. Another liked air-conditioned classrooms.

Question 2: Why do you go to school?

Overwhelmingly, students said they go to learn. (Won’t our teachers be glad to hear that.) Second was to prepare them for a job and a future.

Being with friends came in third. A few students said they go because it is the law, but I got a chuckle out of a couple of the responses. One said their mom would “beat the crap” out of them if they didn’t go and another said they “didn’t want to be buried in the backyard.”

One student said going to school was the only time they were able to be their own person.

Another said they didn’t want to end up on the streets.

And, a few said they wanted a better life than their parents … they didn’t want to be homeless and begging for money.

Question 3: What do you like about teachers?

The top three answers were teachers are helpful, nice and fun. Some said they liked that their teachers didn’t yell, but listened to them.

Two responses made me chuckle. One student said they were pretty sure all their teachers loved them, and the other said: “I like that my teachers don’t get mad at me when I talk … oh wait, they do!”

Question 4 (high school only): Who was your favorite teacher and why?

The vast majority mentioned a high school teacher, and that is expected, as that is where they are now. However, coming in second were elementary teachers followed by junior high, then kindergarten/pre-kindergarten. Band teachers received recognition, as well.

The top three reasons they like their teachers: They are fun or funny, nice, and helped them learn. One student said teachers were honest and not afraid to tell you the truth.

There you have it. Yes, students enjoy being around their friends, but they go to school to learn and have a better life … sounds familiar.

Penny Bailey is a communication specialist for the Clovis Municipal Schools. She can be reached at