Parks director keeping busy

CNJ staff photo: Kevin Wilson Parks and Recreation Director Bill Bizzell, left, talks with Kyle Snider and Parks Superintendent Neil Lambert about fixing a pump at the Guy Leeder Softball Complex Friday.

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ staff writer

It’s been about a month since the city’s parks and recreation department filled its director position, and the days have gotten busy. Even a random hour with new director Bill Bizzell proves busy.

It’s about 3:30 on Friday, and the crew of 51 full time, part time and seasonal employees is out taking care of the city’s numerous parks and recreation properties — including the local parks, the Hillcrest Park Zoo, and the Clovis Municipal Golf Course.

The staff just finished hammering out final details on the next two months at another facility — the Clovis Aquatic Center, the site of swimming lessons. So far, Bizzell says, 147 students have signed up for one of the four, two-week blocks. The first block is full, and registration fees ($70 per student) have raised $10,290.

“That will pay the bills,” Bizzell said, noting six instructors were hired for the two months. “The second, third and fourth blocks will be adjusted as needed. The first block, all hands are on deck.”

The parks and recreation department building, located at 500 Sycamore, isn’t too far from much of the city’s prime recreation real estate. In fact, many properties are just a brisk walk away.

However, it’s 100 degrees outside, so the transportation of choice is the car issued to the director — a slightly used car with 28,455 miles on the odometer and … Washington Redskins floor mats?

That’s not from Bizzell, who said the d