Tornado siren waiting on money for repairs

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer

A tornado siren that has been out of service in west Clovis has been repaired and will be reinstalled in coming days.

But another out-of-commission siren won’t be replaced until the city gets the money, according to Ken De Los Santos, local emergency management director.

Tornado sirens, in conjunction with other alert systems, are a vital part of letting residents know when there’s a tornado warning issued for the area, said De Los Santos.

At one time, Clovis had 10 alert sirens placed throughout the community. He said about a year ago, a siren at the former fire station at 21st and Main streets succumbed to age and was never replaced.

Then between January and February, a siren at the fire station on Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard in west Clovis broke and was removed for repairs. De Los Santos said he received word Wednesday the repairs are complete and the siren will be installed again soon.

However, there are no plans to replace the siren on 21st Street until the city gets the money, he said.

City Manager Joe Thomas said the city is looking at mechanisms to replace the siren. Currently, replacing the siren isn’t budgeted, he said, but he hopes to include it in next year’s budget.

De Los Santos said replacing a siren usually costs about $20,000.

“Ideally,” said De Los Santos, “it would be great to add additional sirens.

“It would be nice to have more because the city’s grown, and because of that, not all areas will hear their sirens,” he said.

He said the city’s sirens were purchased at various times over the years and are various types of sirens and technology.

Some spin, some blow horns in different directions, he said.

The eight functional sirens are located at the city’s four fire stations —