On the shelves — June 27

The following books are available at:

Clovis-Carver Public Library

• “So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women” by Stephanie McClellan explains how to identify the emotional triggers unique to your personality, how to heal the destructive effects of stress on your body, and how to prevent disease, build resilience, and regain your peace of mind.

“Losing Charlotte” by Heather Clay scrutinizes the complicated relationship between two very different sisters as Knox Bolling moves to New York to assist her brother in law, Bruce Tavert, care for her twin nephews after her sister dies in childbirth.

“Your Kids Are Your Own Fault: A Guide for Raising Responsible, Productive Adults” by Larry Winget challenges parents to set a plan, design the adult they want their child to become, and to work backward to make sure it happens.

“Deception” by Jonathan Kellerman teams homicide detective Milo Sturgis with Dr. Alex Delaware to penetrate the closed ranks of Windsor Prep Academy, a citadel of wealth and scholarship that may be involved in hidden abuse, deadly secrets, and murder.

“Wealth Watchers: A Simple Program to Help You Spend Less and Save More” by Alice Wood outlines a new and radically simple program to reclaim financial stability and build positive habits to last a lifetime.

“Occupied City: A Novel” by David Peace plunges us into post-World War II Japan in the retelling of a mass poisoning (based on an actual event), its aftermath, and the hidden wartime atrocities that led to the crime.

“American Heart Association Complete Guide to Women’s Heart Health” targets every decade of a woman’s life from her 20’s and beyond and offers the key to preventing heart disease by embracing a heart-healthy lifestyle and explains how gradual and sustainable shifts in your routine can have a far-reaching impact on your health.

Portales Public Library

“The Secret Knowledge of Water” by Craig Childs

Like the highest mountain peaks, deserts are environments that can be inhospitable even to the most seasoned explorers. Craig Childs, who has spent years in the deserts of the American West and Southwest as an adventurer, a river guide and a field instructor in natural history, has developed a keen appreciation for these forbidding landscapes: Their beauty, their wonder and especially their paradoxes. His extraordinary treks through arid lands in search of water are an astonishing revelation of the natural world at its most extreme.

This book is a selection for the Portales Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program. A group discussion will be conducted on July 15.

“Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost” at Sea by Steven Callahan

Before “The Perfect Storm,” “Adrift” chronicled one of the most astounding voyages of the century and one of the great sea adventures of all time. In some ways the model for the new wave of adventure books, “Adrift” is now an undeniable seafaring classic, a riveting firsthand account by the only man known to have survived for more than a month alone at sea, fighting for his life in an inflatable raft after his small sloop capsized only six days from port.

This book is a selection for the Portales Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program. A group discussion will be conducted on Aug. 12.

“Sizzling Sixteen” by Janet Evanovich

Trenton, N.J., bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has inherited a “lucky” bottle from her Uncle Pip. Problem is Uncle Pip didn’t specify if the bottle brought good luck or bad luck.

Vinnie, of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, has run up a gambling debt with mobster Bobby Sunflower and is being held for the cash. It’s left up to Stephanie, office manager Connie and file clerk Lula to raise the money if they want to save their jobs.