Portales man upset over dumped carcasses

Freedom New Mexico: Argen Duncan Tim Mitchell of Roosevelt County buries a dead calf he found along his property. He said an average of three or four calf carcasses a week are dumped in the area.

Jared Tucker

A Portales man is outraged because he said someone keeps dumping trash, furniture and dead calves near his farm on Roosevelt Road Y.

The farm owner, Tim Mitchell, blames local dairies but Roosevelt County Sheriff Darren Hooker said he has not been able to substantiate such a charge.

Mitchell said he finds three to four dead calf carcasses near his property per week, and claims he has been finding the dead animals on a regular basis since 1998.

“This problem at my house is going to have to stop. Since last fall, I have buried over 150 dairy calves,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he is a self-employed environmental sanitarian and former dairy chemist, and was born and raised at the home he lives in today.

Mitchell said he doesn’t think the illegal dumping is personal, just convenient because of the high volume of traffic that goes down Roosevelt Road 6.

Hooker said Mitchell has called in reports of dead animals near his farm numerous times over the years. Hooker said despite Mitchell’s frustration and attempts to catch the culprit, there’s nothing his deputies can do.

“I feel as though my office has done everything we can do to investigate the situations at hand, but if we’re going to charge somebody with something, we have to have evidence, not just pointing fingers,” Hooker said.