Getting to know …

Freedom New Mexico

Eastern New Mexico University senior defensive end Matthew Kalisch.

Hometown: Killeen, Texas

High school: Harker Heights

Favorite NFL team: Dallas Cowboys

Favorite NFL player: Brian Urlacher

What do you hope to be doing in five years? Serving my country as an army officer.

Biggest off-field accomplishment since you started college: Cutting my 40-time to 4.6 after a hard summer.

Personal favorite sports moment: Two sacks against Abilene Christian in 2009.

Best advice you’ve ever received from a coach: Be the best. Show everyone that there should be no doubt about your ability.

Teammate you respect the most: Quarterback Wes Wood for stepping up in a huge way. Being a man and taking on serious responsibility.

• Toughest college class: Physiological psychology. Lots of terms about the brain.

If you could have a mulligan in life, what would it be? Doing better in high school academics.

What do you think of spread offenses? Exciting to watch and difficult to face.