Club notes — Nov. 7

Encanto Garden Club

The October meeting of Encanto was called to order by president Helen Martinez. Cleo Duran read the Gardener’s Prayer and guest, Shirley Holtcamp was welcomed. Unanimous approval was given to change the monthly meetings to second Wednesdays.

Jacque Wuest displayed a holiday swag, which she had made, giving pointers on construction and decoration.

Jeane Augenstein presented the program entitled “Fall Planting of Bulbs, Corms and Tubers,” addressing planting depths, fertilizers, planting mediums and citing bulb’s worst enemies.

The next meeting will be held 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 10 and each participant will construct a holiday wreath or swag with materials, which they will bring along. For more information, please call Jacque at 762-6955.

—Submitted by Encanto Club