Clovis shuttle service expanded

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Make-A-Connection Shuttle Service received clearance Monday to begin shuttle service to and from the Clovis Municipal Airport.

Liliana Castillo

Shuttle service to and from the Clovis Municipal Airport began Monday after a lengthy and expensive process.

Make-A-Connection Shuttle Service, owned by Clovis resident Colleen Mahoney, received authorization from the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to expand the business to provide shuttle service in state. Mahoney said the company had a permit allowing them to shuttle people across state lines but not allowing the business to shuttle people to and from locations in state.

The service will be available to residents in the Portales and Clovis area, including Cannon Air Force Base, Mahoney said. The service will be available by reservation, seven days a week and door-to-door.

The company has been running a shuttle to and from Clovis and Portales to the Lubbock International Airport for 25 years under the previous owners, and Mahoney said she added service to the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport last year.

Mahoney said about 110 people use the shuttle to Texas airports each month. She said most of her customers don’t live in the area and have trouble getting to their hotels. If they do live in the area, they plan to travel for an extended period of time and don’t want to park their vehicle at the airport.

Mahoney said she received calls asking about a local shuttle service by hotels, airlines and customers.

“The airline had a sign up in the Albuquerque airport that says there’s no transportation from the Clovis airport and that doesn’t make Clovis look good,” she said. “I’m happy that I have it (shuttle service) available now. I know it will be here if anyone needs it.”

Fairfield Inn General Manager Angela Cooley said she is glad the option to get a shuttle is available to her customers.

“It’s good. People have trouble getting here because we can’t pick them up and we no longer have that problem,” Cooley said.

Cooley said the hotel’s business hasn’t been hurt by not being able to provide shuttle service, but she thinks having it available will help business.

Clovis City Manager Joe Thomas said the city supported the company because it will be beneficial to residents.