Letter to the editor: Coyote hunts provide balance

Regarding Sunday’s letter to the editor opposing the coyote hunt in Grady as a school fundraiser:

Who are we as a society to place value on a predatory, and scavenging species?

Big-game animals have a worthiness for existence for the food chain they supply us. Cattle, chickens, sheep and goats, the same.

Horses can fall victim to the coyote as a foal. So can the family dog.

When I was a small boy I remember my uncle’s chicken coop would fall to attack by coyotes.

They can be such a pest, so I feel the coyote hunts are just nature’s way of balance. They will teach the young people in the Grady community, and all communities, that we have a balance of nature.

As long as public safety is of primary concern, I don’t see a problem with Grady’s coyote hunt. I’m sure many will agree.