Grant Mcgee: Insurance job was ‘divine’ calling

Grant McGee

The Lord wanted me to have a job one time.

Let me explain.

Years ago I needed more money for my growing family. So I moseyed on down to the state employment commission to find a job that would bring in wheelbarrows full of cash.

“The Lord said you were coming. He has a job for you,” said the energetic young job counselor.

I don’t know how long I stared at her before I spoke.

“Me?” I asked. “The Lord actually told you I would be in today?”

“Yes,” she said. “He wants you to sell insurance.”

So I decided to do it. If The Lord had a job for me I reckoned I’d better take it.

After training and tests and such I was ready to make a million dollars a year selling insurance, at least I thought I would.

Unfortunately this did not happen. Oh, I sold some life insurance policies and got some folks to switch from their insurance company to mine. But I found I was the new kid in the insurance neighborhood and folks generally stuck with their old familiar agents.

I packed it in after 6 months and went back to being a DJ on the radio.

I felt weird every time I walked by the employment commission; ashamed that I had botched the job the counselor said The Lord wanted me to have.

One day I went in to say “thanks” to her anyway.

“We don’t know why The Lord wanted you to have that job,” she said after I went in and apologized. “Maybe He used you to help someone or maybe you were supposed to learn a lesson. Maybe you’re supposed to stay in radio.”

And what a relief it was to know I probably didn’t tick off The Lord over leaving that insurance job.