Letter to the editor: Educational system is to blame

Regarding Thursday article about the so-called Hispanic students gap in Clovis:

It will never cease to amaze me to what extent the intelligentsia will go to seek self-actualization. They have now managed to sub-divide the Caucasian race into a sub-species by skin color. And since your article addresses Caucasian as whites then it would be logical to assume Hispanics would be of another color, like maybe brown? Ah, yes, “the brown people.” Yesterday, it was the black people; today, it is the brown people. It is imperative that it be understood, I have no problem with the color of my skin nor my Mexican heritage; those are God-given. The fact that my residence was established long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue and according to public records, born Caucasian were equally out of my control. People of all races should be proud of who they are and we, as Mexicans, are no different, but if the intelligentsia will not accept Mexicans as equal partners within the Caucasian race, then let’s get reclassified, because we will not be a subspecies to any race.

And now for the matter regarding the poor scholastic achievement of Hispanic (AKA “brown”) students.

It should not take a brain surgeon to identify and correct this problem. The cause of the problem can be attributed to one of two causes: (1) There is a defective gene in the brown gene pool or (2) the educational system needs to accept responsibility in their ineptness and to stop blaming the students for the institutions’’ shortcomings.