On the shelves — Jan. 23

The following books are available at:

Clovis-Carver Public Library

“The Pain Chronicles” by Melanie Thernstrom explores the myths, mysteries, prayers, diaries, brain scans, healing, and other research into the science of suffering to illuminate the elusive nature of chronic pain and its various treatments.

“Legacy” by Danielle Steel interweaves the stories of two women — a writer working in the heart of modern academia and a daring young Sioux Indian who embarks on an incredible journey in the eighteenth century.

“100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s” by Jean Carper reveals surprisingly simple, scientifically tested ways to cut radically the odds of developing Alzheimer’s, memory decline, and other forms of dementia.

“Cross Fire” by James Patterson finds detective Alex Cross investigating the perfectly executed assassinations of a corrupt congressman and an underhanded lobbyist, but as the elusive gunman continues picking off other crooked insiders, Alex wonders if the marksman is a hero or a vigilante.

“Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America” by Kate Zernike takes a revealing look inside the Tea Party movement: where it came from, what it stands for, and what it means for the future of American politics.

“I’d Know You Anywhere” by Laura Lippman moves between past and present to explore the lasting effects of crime on a victim’s life, as a man on death row contacts a former victim in what appears to be an act of contrition before his execution, but may be a final act of psychological manipulation.

Portales Public Library

“Pecan Pie Baby” by Jacquelin Woodson

Gia is having a hard time dealing with the fact that she’s going to have to share her mama with a new baby sister or brother. Everyone is ranting and raving about this exciting new baby, everyone that is, except for Gia. Gia feels that this new baby may take up all of her and her mama’s time. What about Gia? Gia’s mama knows things will be different, but she knows what to do to comfort her little girl.

“College Planning for Gifted Students: Choosing and Getting into the Right College” by Sandra L. Berger

This hands-on, sensible guide to college preparation is a must have for gifted or advanced learning students. This book focuses on helping gifted students discover themselves, which then helps them find the perfect endeavor after high school. College Planning for the Gifted Students helps students with college application essays, college entrance interview, and how they can request recommendation letters.

“Call Me Irresistible” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lucy is the daughter of a former U.S. President and Meg is an heir of legends. One of these fabulous girls is about to marry Mr. Irresistible, Ted Beaudine—another heir of a great family. The other one, is not happy about the upcoming nuptials, and feels it is her duty to save her friend from heartache. The only problem is that Meg seems to be the only person that thinks Lucy marrying Ted is a great mistake. Being the only person that thinks this marriage is a mistake, Meg becomes the most hated woman in town, and even her famous parents aren’t on her side. Meg is now left to fend for herself; she has no friends or family on her side. With the possibility of breaking an engagement, Meg may find herself wanting to be with Mr. Irresistible.