Wind festival to feature kinetic sculpture race

CNJ staff

Clovis MainStreet is organizing the inaugural Downtown Wind Festival 4-7 p.m. April 30 in downtown Clovis.

The event will be held following Cannon Air Force Base’s annual Kite Karnival, which runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Doc Stewart Park.

There will be educational booths and food vendors, with the “Pedal Art-itude Rally,” a kinetic art sculpture race, at the center of the event.

Separate awards will be given for engineering, art and costumes. “Best of show” awards will be issued for the highest-scoring team, the favorite as voted by spectators, judge’s choice and best breakdown (before, during or after the race).

Information: 309-8370 or

Rally rules

• Everyone must have fun.

• Sculptures must be human powered. No stored energy, motors, electricity (unless it’s human generated for spectacularness and stored and used at the event) no pushing, no pulling, no walking. Towing is only allowed if the vehicle is pulling something sculpture related. (i.e. a long tail that has a wheel, or a small trailer that is part of the sculpture.)

• The slalom style course will traverse urban streets including inherent obstacles, a hilly and/or sandy section, brick pavers, and a mud pit finish!

• Sculptures must be no larger than 6 feet wide, 8 feet high, and 18 feet long and must be able to be operated legally according to New Mexico motor vehicle codes.

• Sculptures must be vehicles, they must have wheels or moveable legs and be able to move forward, stop and turn. In other words, no pushing or walking type (Flintstones style) sculptures are allowed.

• Sculptures must have a sock puppet or stuffed monkey (No! Not a real one!) prominently displayed on board at all times.

• Sculptures must not pose any direct danger to anything near it, no open flame, no pointy things, also the pilot must be sober and able to escape quickly and safely in the event that it’s necessary.

• No Harm, No Fowl. Sculpture must not damage or harm the street surface, spectators, buildings or birds.

• Sculptures must be decorated in a recognizable theme, or unrecognizable, as long it is glorious. The pilots and pit crew must also be in appropriate costumes.

• Pilot or assistant may carry up to six water balloons that will be thrown by pilots at a specified target along the course for extra points. Throwing at spectators is not an option and will result in the loss of thousands of points..

• Sculptures must be able to stop safely and quickly. Sculptures that do not pass the brake safety check, if there is one, will not be allowed to compete.

• All pilots must wear approved safety helmets. Please bring your own. Racers without helmets will not be allowed to compete. We also encourage all team members to wear elbow and knee pads.

• At a specific place in the race, the pilot must exit the sculpture, approach a microphone and exclaim to the crowd why they love living in Clovis using his or her sock puppet or monkey! Failure to do so will result in boos, jeering and blatant humiliation from the crowd … and the loss of thousands of points!

• Sculptures must stay on course. Any detour for any reason other than breakdown, will result in disqualification.

• All team members must be sober while operating their vehicle. There will be plenty of time after the course is complete for revelry!

• Team members must follow the directions of event coordinators, volunteers, police escorts etc…

• In order to have fun, we need to be safe … and you must smile … or lose thousands of points!

• All sculptures must be checked in by 3 p.m. and be on display for judging from 3-4 p.m.

• There will be four entry categories, based on age. Each sculpture can have one to six participants including pilots (people who pedal), barnacles (people who ride and must stay on the sculpture at all times, even if there is a breakdown) and pit crew (people who run alongside in case of breakdown).

Age categories are: Kid Racers (grades 1-6), Attitude Racers (grades 7-12, younger than 18), Grown Up Racers (18 and older) and mixed (any combination).