Letters to the editor: Clovis in need of improvements

Clovis in need of improvements

I would like to respond to the article in CNJ when they voted to buy the Chaparral golf course. I think it is about time the city had a full 18-hole course.

Now our high school kids will have a full course to hold their tournaments.

I agree with the statement about everybody always saying no to improvements of Clovis without having any solutions.

Everybody is afraid to open their wallets for the betterment of the city. We need a better courthouse. We need a better jail with better trained personnel. We need better paid city workers. Everybody complains about potholes. Give them the budget and workers to deal with the problems and they will get it done.

It’s a sad day when the only improvement to Clovis was a big Wal-Mart store. We need better parks and sport facilities for our youths.

I am tired of watching the best of Clovis kids going away and getting a degree in some profession that would fit a need right here in our hometown.

There’s too many places that offer more things for a family to do and enjoy. Why do you think it’s big deal for our kids to get to go shopping in Lubbock or Amarillo? Because it’s fun.

I say let’s spend some money right here in our backyard and maybe our children will want to return home.

I am tired of relying on Cannon Air Force Base as our only hope for growth.

P.S. When we’re out of water, we all will be leaving!