Environment department receiving reports of health inspector impersonator

Freedom New Mexico

The New Mexico Environment Department said Tuesday it has received multiple reports from food establishments of individuals impersonating health inspectors and requiring cash payment for inspections and other materials.

According to a release from the NMED, the individuals often call the food establishment, provide names and inspector identification numbers and require a follow-up call to confirm an inspection time.

The department reminded businesses:

• Inspectors must present a state-issued photo identification before conducting an inspection.

• Inspectors only accept checks or money orders made payable to the “New Mexico Environment Department,” and never ask for cash.

• Inspectors do not charge for grade emblems, permits, or food safety signs.

The department encourages food establishments to independently call the department to verify inspector identities, and call local law enforcement if there are doubts.

Information: nmenv.state.nm.us/contact.htm