McGee: Pondering mortality

By Grant McGee: CNJ columnist

One of the cool things about the Internet is you can find out whatever happened to old pals. Sometimes you get an answer, sometimes you wish you’d never asked.

So one day I got to wondering whatever happened to my date for my senior prom.

The answer left me stunned. She had checked off of this earthly plane last year. She wasn’t that old.

I told The Lady of the House of my discovery.

“It happens, we all have to go sometime,” she said from behind her newspaper. “You’re not thinking about her. You’re bothered because you’re thinking about your own mortality. Get over it.”

I thought my buddy The Holy Man might have some insight. So I visited with him at his Holy Man digs.

“You’re thinking about your own life, your own death. Get over it,” said The Holy Man and he went back to working his crossword puzzle.

So I did get over it.

A week or so later I was wandering the Internet again, wondering what ever happened to the girl who asked me to her senior prom. She was a year behind me in school and I was a freshman in college.

She had passed on too.

Discovering that my two prom dates had gone on to their reward left me dumbstruck.

The Lady of the House was in the kitchen when I told her the news.

“I’m thinking you need to stop aimlessly wandering the Internet,” she said as she prepared one of her gourmet meals. “It’s sad, it’s tragic, get over it. I guess I’m glad I didn’t go to a prom with you.”

It made me wonder what it meant, what it was all about. Then I remembered a saying I heard once: “Like much in life it doesn’t mean anything.”

A point to ponder.