Press release: USDA authorizes 90 days CRP emergency grazing

Emergency Grazing for CRP approved for Curry County

Albuquerque, NM, May 26, 2011 – Salomon E. Ramirez, State Executive Director of the New Mexico Farm Service Agency announced that Emergency Grazing of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acreage has been authorized for Curry County in New Mexico.

“This authorization provides relief for many livestock producers in Curry County who have suffered through severe drought conditions,” said Ramirez. “The drought has depleted hay supplies and affected the growth of hay and pasture in parts of New Mexico. Many livestock producers cannot maintain their current herds without implementation of Emergency Grazing of CRP.”

Emergency grazing is allowed through Sept. 30. Participants shall leave at least 25 percent of each field or contiguous CRP fields ungrazed for wildlife, or graze not more than 75 percent of the stocking rate. All livestock must be removed by the end of this grazing period.

“Producers who are struggling to find forage acres for their livestock may take advantage of this opportunity,” said Ramirez. “Livestock producers in Curry County may temporarily move their animals to land enrolled in CRP for up to 90 days beginning immediately” he said.

CRP participants in Curry County shall contact the Curry FSA County Office to request emergency grazing on an individual contract basis prior to grazing. Participants will work with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to develop a forage management plan. If the CRP cover is destroyed, the practice must be re-established at their own expense to remain in compliance with the CRP contract.

Emergency Grazing of CRP authority is not limited to livestock producers who lost pasture or fences due to wildfire. To take advantage of the emergency provisions, authorized producers may use the CRP acreage for their own livestock or may grant another livestock producer the use of the CRP acreage. The eligible CRP acreage is limited to the acreage within Curry County.

For more information about county committees, please contact the Curry County FSA Office at

(575) 762-4769 or visit