Zoning change will allow liquor sales at Colonial Park course

Sharna Johnson

Clovis is proposing a zoning change for the golf course at Colonial Park to allow for the sale of liquor at the facility.

For 25 years while the club was privately owned, it was operating under a variance granted by the city, allowing it to sell alcohol even through it is within a residential single family zone, according to a press release Thursday.

The city has moved away from the practice of allowing variances, said Clovis Legislative and Community Relations Director Claire Burroughes.

With the city in the process of purchasing the golf course and beginning the process of applying for a liquor license, Burroughes said it was decided the zoning of the course itself should be changed to mixed development, which is legally what it should have been all along.

The matter will go before the planning and zoning committee July 13. If the committee recommends proceeding, Burroughes said it could go before the city commission July 21.

Letters were sent to 360 property owners in the vicinity of the golf course to advise them of the proposal, Burroughes said.

She said the proposed zoning change would only apply to the golf course property, not properties neighboring it and will not impact property taxes or home values.

Kim Runyan of the High Plains Patriots citizens said her group has been contacted by six families from Colonial Park who are concerned about the change.

“We’re very disappointed that people (who) thought they bought a home on a private golf course now own a home on a public golf course,” she said.

“When zoning starts changing around your house, it affects house values. Right now people are upside down in their homes in America. Do we care more about people in a subdivision, or do we care about a liquor license?”

Runyan said the Patriots plan to attend the planning and zoning meeting to help ask questions on the issue at the request of the residents who have contacted them.

Information: City Manager’s Office at 769-7828, or building safety department at 769-7829