July six degrees hotter than average

Kevin Wilson

July’s normally hot in Clovis. But there’s six degrees of separation, literally, between this July and the average one.

The previous month, according to historical data from Accuweather.com, is the eighth-hottest July in New Mexico since data was collected in 1911.

A typical July in Clovis will see a high of 91 throughout the month and an average low of 60,” said Erik Pindrock, a meteorologist for Accuweather.com. “This year, July has been well above normal.

“The actual average high for July 2011 turned out to be 96 degrees. The average low temperature turned out to be 67 degrees.”

In July, the average daily temperature — high temperature and low temperature are averaged — is 75.5 degrees. Using that measure for July 2011, Pindrock said, Clovis’ average temperature was 81.5 degrees.

That’s about 2 degrees cooler than the hottest average temperature — 1934, when the average daily temperature was 83.7 degrees.

“The overall weather pattern for July featured an upper-level high pressure system parked over the plains,” Pindrock said. “That system kept the region basically hot and dry the entire month.”

Clovis received .24 inches of rain in July. That’s off from a normal July of 2.37 inches, Pindrock said.

The heat started to kick up June 7, with a high of 98. That started a run of 19 days of 95 degrees or higher for the rest of June, including nine days of 100 degrees or more and a high of 105 on June 26, according to Weather Underground.

July followed with five more days in triple digits.

The first eight days of August all included highs of at least 95, including 100 on Monday. According to Weather Underground, none of the last four Augusts had more than seven 95-degree days.

Highs in the triple digits are predicted through Friday.

As of Monday, the daily high temperature has been above 90 for 48 straight days.