Letter to the editor: Norwood was asset to county jail

Norwood was asset to county jail

I was very surprised to hear that Keith Norwood resigned.

I don’t know why he resigned, but I believe he is more of an asset than a liability because he has positively changed the appearance of the Curry County jail, the morale of the staff, and the quality of care for residents as well as gained the support of volunteers.

I have been here seven years and have worked (as a volunteer) alongside of three wardens who brought a wealth of experience to the jail. And I have seen three wardens, and three interim wardens, leave the facility for some reason or another.

I believe something has to change.

Norwood was a good fit for the jail. As warden, he earned the respect of the staff, residents, and volunteers. Through wisdom, knowledge and understanding of what it takes to run a jail, Norwood gained the respect and boosted the morale of the residents.

I have more than 30 years of experience as both an employee and volunteer at federal, state, county and city facilities, and am familiar with policy and procedures.

I have never seen a governing body strip a warden of the ability to run the facility, as I believe Curry County commissioners did to Norwood.

Norwood had to ask permission to move a surveillance camera and lights. This standard equipment is required for the safety of the warden, the staff, and residents. I believe the warden should have the authority to make such professional judgments without county commissioners’ consent.

I believe if the governing body would visit the jail more often and see the work being done, it might prove beneficial.