Sutton’s Bakery closing

Benna Sayyed

One of Clovis’ oldest businesses is about to close.

Frank Simmonds, who’s owned Sutton’s Bakery since 1971 and worked there since it opened in 1946, said he is about to retire.

While he would not give a date for closing, employees have told customers the last day will be Dec. 31.

Simmonds said he was 24, fresh out of the military, when he started working at the sweet shop at 515 N. Main St., 65 years ago.

Erby and Goldie Sutton opened Sutton’s at the same Clovis location where it is today, serving cafes and groceries in addition to retail customers.

Goldie Sutton recorded her family’s bakery beginnings in a history book published by the High Plains Historical Foundation in 1978.

The Suttons came to Clovis in 1943, Goldie Sutton wrote, and first opened the Perfection Bakery at 118 E. Grand. Because of sugar rationing during World War II, they sometimes had to close their bakery for days at a time, she wrote.

Simmonds said a dwindling number of customers is the cause of the permanent closing.

“There’s always ups and downs to the business, but right now it’s down pretty low,” he said.

Simmonds said 1985 was his bakery’s best sales year, but it’s fallen on tough economic times more recently.

Simmonds said he does not have any special plans for the business before closing and said he just wants to be able to pay the bills.

His plans for the future?

“That’s a good question. I don’t know,” he said.