Revenues up at some entertainment venues

Carlos Mencia's show at the Clovis Civic Center sold 950 of 1,100 tickets.

Clovis Civic Center and Curry County Events Center saw increased revenues over the past two years. This is good news to City Commissioner Bobby Sandoval, who said entertainment industries in Clovis and Portales are important cultural outlets for people from across the globe, who come to Cannon Air Force Base.

College and university entertainment venues did not fare as well. Eastern New Mexico University's fine arts department, which provides three venues of entertainment — art, theater and music, does not keep attendance records or declined to give them. Clovis Community College's Cultural Arts Series reported a slight decline in attendance last year.

All area entertainment venues are supported by gross receipts taxes and operate at a loss. Sandoval said their purpose is not to make a profit, but to improve quality of life and generate tourism revenues for city businesses. Events Center Manager Kevin Jolley cites an increase in Clovis gross receipts taxes — 2.6 percent in 2010 and 4.5 percent in 2011 — as evidence the industry is doing its job.

The Curry County Events Center

Recent attendance: The Oak Ridge Boys concert sold 1,500 of 3,500 available tickets.

Annual attendance 2009: 40,000 visitors

Annual attendance 2011: 111,000 visitors

Ticket sales 2009: $35,000

Ticket sales 2011: $75,000

Number of annual events 2011: 146

Number of annual events 2012: 160

Largest concert: 3,500 for Casey Donahew Band 2009

Clovis Civic Center

Recent attendance: The Carlos Mencia show sold 950 of 1,100 available tickets.

Sales revenues 2010: $575,000

Sales revenues 2011: $625,000

Annual attendance 2010: 40,220

Annual attendance 2011: 42,490

Number of annual events: 300.

Clovis Community College's Cultural Arts Series

Recent attendance: Rhythmic Circus sold 700 of 950 available tickets.

Annual attendance 2010: 8,778

Annual attendance 2011: 8,060

Season tickets holders 2011: 216

Season tickets holders 2012: 220

Number of annual events: 12

Largest event: 1,000 at Bless me, Ultima 2011

Eastern New Mexico University

Music and art: Events are free and open to the public. No attendance records are available.

Theater: Declined to give numbers

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