Letters to the editor: Lansford’s leadership skills proven

Lansford’s leadership skills proven

I respect the job Gayla Brumfield has done as mayor. Every leader operates with different strengths and objectives.

I have stayed out of the fray, until the biased piece about the race was published last Sunday.

There is so much not said that needs to be said about the benefits David Lansford offers.

He accomplished some big things as mayor CNJ did not mention.

During his 12 years, there was not one negative referendum by the citizens over a city ordinance. Last year there were two, and although a great campaign effort was mounted at more expense than should have been allowed, the will of the people prevailed and one ordinance was rescinded.

When the citizenry is respected, the mayor doesn’t push an agenda in a manner that causes such disharmony.

When we were successful overcoming the proposed Cannon Air Force Base closure, it wasn’t just Lansford’s accomplishment alone; he didn’t promote himself with it either.

It was our accomplishment. But he was the mayor and largely responsible for the favorable political climate that accomplished it.

Lansford got the Ute Lake project going and hired a project manager to get it off the ground, which he did successfully, laying groundwork for this mayor.

I remember how easy it was to present one’s case at the City Commission meetings when Lansford was mayor. Commissioners and the mayor actually looked at you and listened while you talked.

I remember other positive things about how the city operated under Lansford.

People should be encouraged to write about these things so we have choice of the mayoral style we prefer. That will help balance the news.

There is no need to be negative about Brumfield. She has done many good things. Lansford has many good points too, and I appreciate them.

Carolyn Spence


Lansford’s beliefs detriment to Cannon

Just a few short years ago, Clovis faced the devastating possibility that Cannon Air Force Base would no longer be part of our community. When the BRAC commission recommended closing Cannon, we were in for the fight of our lives, not just to save Cannon but to preserve the future of our great city.

We responded by showing just who we are — a strong, deeply caring community that can put any differences we may have aside to form a united front. We worked alongside our state and federal leadership to ensure that our voice was heard in Washington, D.C., and it was.

Cannon was given a new mission. Today it is a bustling Air Force base and is helping our community to thrive.

Now word comes that the next BRAC round may occur as early as next year. I pray Cannon is spared from even being discussed.

Nevertheless, we must be prepared. I don’t see how this would be possible if David Lansford were to be elected mayor. He may think that his very public views on national politics don’t matter to our city, but I say how can they not?

When you describe our commander and chief as the “the carnal manifestation of evil,” and make equally egregious claims against the CIA and other revered institutions, how will we have the ability or credibility to work with the decision makers on the national level?

I believe Lansford has the right to believe whatever he wants, but I also believe there is too much at stake for our community to let his personal beliefs get in the way of our future. We simply can’t afford it.

Jennifer Burrill


Voters need to cast votes wisely in mayor race

I never thought that in my almost 73 years I would see the time that any person should fear for sharing his or her opinions regarding public officials in this country.

If, as the mayor’s self-proclaimed clean campaign implies, David Lansford’s opinions would influence his ability to represent Clovis in Washington on any matter — shame on Washington.

Many lives have been given so that our free speech will remain free.

And there will be another election in November.

It took a special election in Clovis for the taxpayers to have their voices heard. Instead of that money and the other “niceties” money being spent, I would rather the real problems in this city be faced, like gangs, drugs and teen pregnancies.

We have lived here over 40 years and love this city. The people are great. However, priorities must be faced.

Everyone, please vote and consider your vote carefully.

Lee Fields


Brumfield cares about quality of life

Quality of life issues seem to be of concern to our citizens — as well they should be.

We realize that quality of life is a purely subjective term, but by most standards it goes beyond the basic necessities of a roof over our heads and food in the stomach.

We think there are some niceties that can be provided without much cost to the community that individuals cannot provide for themselves.

In Clovis, we now have an 18-hole municipal golf course and will soon have a 3-par course for beginners and those working on their short game.

The Goodwin walking trail and a dog park were both installed inexpensively.

The splash pad and amphitheater will use existing structures as their base and the Youth Recreation Building has been completely renovated through a donation from the Sisler Foundation.

All of these improvements have been brought about through innovation and forward thinking, with little cost to the citizens of Clovis.

Gayla Brumfield is that forward-thinking mayor and has the city at heart. She knows how to lead, build and watch our finances.

I would ask that you do as I did and vote for Brumfield for mayor.

Tom Martin


Family agrees with Lansford’s views

My wife Patsy and I just saw KOB-TV’s news rant against David Lansford and we were disgusted with it.

For a short time before I married Patsy, I did private investigations after taking and excelling in a course for investigators.

I learned people generally cannot face truth when I dug up facts and I refused to present dirt and lies.

I have done online investigations into Obama on my own.

As a result, Patsy and I agree with Lansford in his beliefs about Obama.

Ken Robertson


Support of Cannon should be continued

I thought your readers might be interested in these comments made Tuesday to Association of Defense Communities by Air Force Deputy Assistant Secretary-Installations Kathleen Ferguson:

“(Department of Defense’s) 2004 report to Congress stated the Air Force had 24 percent excess capacity and this number does not reflect current excess Air Force capacity.

“BRAC 2005 fell short of the Air Force goal by closing only seven minor installations.

“Today, seven years later and with 500 fewer aircraft, the Air Force presumes additional excess capacity exists and therefore supports DoD’s request for two rounds of BRAC in 2013 and 2015.”

I attended this meeting and was present when Ferguson made these points. The theme of the entire conference was preparing communities for defense cuts and the next round of BRAC.

Suggestions made to cities attending the conference were to continually work with your installation to establish lasting partnerships, address encroachment issues, improve quality of life, develop trusting relationships between the surrounding communities and the base, work with the installation to bring in more federal agencies, and take advantage of opportunities to provide support on a local, state, and congressional level.

Our community has a long history of supporting Cannon and the men, women and families stationed here. Many of our Cannon family have chosen to make this area their home after leaving the Air Force.

Now is the time for all of our citizens and especially our elected officials to show unified support to Cannon, the military, and our great country.

Lonnie Leslie

Local Growth Management Organization chairman


Clovis’ money spent on useless projects

About golf in Clovis:

Let’s spend $2.8 million for a broken golf course, then spend more to tear up a good one that a lot of senior citizens really used.

Now spend more to fix the broken one, which will leave us with a nine-hole regulation course to play on while they install irrigation.

So in Clovis it’s go golfers!

Go stand in line for tee time. Go to Farwell, go to Cannon Air Force Base, go cool your heels in the swell new $675,000 splash pool.

Go get yourself a puppy and teach him to fetch your unused golf balls. So now you can play golf-fetch in the swell new puppy park!

But whatever you do, go vote.

Promises kept? Money spent for “our quality of life?”

I guess I’ve been looking for it in all the wrong places.

Benny Barrow