Letters to the editor: Performance highlights talents

Sunday was a great day in Clovis.

The First United Methodist Church, Kingswood United Methodist and Clovis Community College put on an absolutely awesome performance of "The Rose of Calvary."

Wow, do we have talent in Clovis!

I want to thank all the choir members, the orchestra, directors, Ken McDonald and Jason Paulk, the accompanists, Ferrell Roberts and Kayla Paulk, and Rev. Keath Baskett and David Bachelor.

I'd like to use the saying "It was to die for," but I guess I don't need to … Christ did that for all of us.

Thanks again.

Max Watt


Neighbors should keep contact

We have issues and we are way off course.

We needed to start working real hard to get back on track. The dots are not connecting.

The respect for human life has been degraded considerably.

I hate to say it, but it is true.

We live in an unpredictable, violent world.

So what can we do so we can get back to a normal life?

I believe we need to start having gatherings with each other. We need to start being more neighborly.

That is something that might make a difference.

The loss of a loved one must be an excruciating pain that never goes away.

I'd greatly appreciate it if we all can start making some kind of contact with our neighbors and spread the word.

Let's put a white flag on the front of our homes for peace and love and for human kind.

Raymond Samora

Fort Sumner

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