Letters to the editor: Wildcat Relays community event

Wildcat Relays community event

I am writing to compliment Brian Stacy and his entire crew of workers who ran the Wildcat Relays last Friday at the Rock and high school field.

There were coaches, teachers, principals, guidance counselors, educational assistants and volunteers from the community that made the entire event a success.

There are way too many people to name, but they know who they are, and the time and effort and energy they provided.

The entire event ran smoothly and apparently more than 1,000 athletes participated in this grand event.

There were about 30 boys/girls teams that participated and this was a true cordial, congenial event.

The voice of the Wildcats, Bill Gaedke, was heard announcing and Clovis Schools personnel volunteered their time, effort and energy to bring this event to fruition.

This was a true community event, which brought a lot of pride to the community and provided an opportunity for our student athletes to interact with other student athletes from around the state.

Clovis should be proud of each and every individual that participated in this event.

Parents should be proud of their kids and our community should thank all of the individuals who worked so hard to represent Clovis and provided an opportunity for these students to enjoy a wonderful event.

Michael F. Shaughnessy


Apologies for losing my temper at meeting

I would like to apologize to Mayor David Lansford, the city commissioners and the citizens of Clovis for allowing myself to get angry at the City Commission meeting on April 5.

It is much better to discuss issues with a cool head and having done my homework. I did not mean to disrespect the Commission, because I know that all the commissioners are good people and intend to do their best for the city.

Because the terms of the request for proposal for the golf course and clubhouse management were not made public much ahead of time, there was only time to react not to study the issue.

At first reading, it did not sound like a good deal for the city.

So, I got angry. I apologize.

It might have been necessary to award a contract in which the city provides all the facilities, all the equipment, pays the taxes, some of the utilities and obtains a coveted liquor license for a business that will run the clubhouse dining services while paying only a small percentage of the profits for all that benefit.

There might have been mitigating circumstances that would allow the city to contract for what no other business minded facility would offer to a commercial food service provider (think restaurant).

Most snack bars and restaurants must pay for all these things plus give a percentage of profits back to the facility owner.

So I can see why local restaurants might consider this unfair competition. However, it is important to know all the facts, and give informed opinions rather than react to what seems to be unfair.

I promise to do that in the future.

Carolyn Spence


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