Dennis Chavez pond may be stocked for fishing

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CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks

Geese gather Wednesday at Dennis Chavez Park, which is soon to be restocked with catfish by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

Dennis Chavez pond in northwest Clovis may soon be home to thousands of them.

New Mexico Game and Fish Department has been testing water quality and inventorying the lake's current fish population in recent days.

Clovis District Officer Brady Griffith said the plan is to stock the pond with catfish sometime this summer. Trout will follow this winter if all goes well, Griffith said.

"Three months ago they had 'no fishing' signs out there," Griffith said. "Now we want to encourage people to fish."

Neighborhood residents have been fishing at Chavez Park for years despite the signs. Likely the sunfish, carp and occasional catfish found their way into the pond via catch and release from Clovis' Greene Acres Lake or Ned Houk Park.

Griffith said sunfish are spawning now and water testing shows the lake will make a good home for a variety of fish that residents can safely eat or catch repeatedly.

Catfish planned this summer will probably come from Arkansas and average 2 pounds each, Griffith said.

Chavez pond, named for former New Mexico Sen. Dennis Chavez, gives Curry County three public fishing holes.

A fourth is in the works, maybe this summer, Griffith said. A pond at the Colonial Golf Course would be ideal for kids only, he said.

"We want to give people places to fish all around Clovis," Griffith said.

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